dr-li.jpgDr Carol Li has qualified in both Western and Chinese medicine and is an acupuncture specialist who has been practising for 26 years.

She worked for 14 years at one of the top TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) hospitals in China and the National Acupuncture Research Centre, the first Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM. It is at this hospital where she built up her knowledge and clinical expertise in both Western and Chinese medicine focusing mainly on acupuncture through excellent teaching and research.

The unique scientific acupuncture techniques practised at this specialist Chinese hospital is world known and is recognised by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

A gold medal award from the WHO was given for how remarkably effective the techniques had proven to be. Dr Li was at the forefront of this practise and was able to successfully treat many patients with different conditions, notably stroke victims. She has since treated many more patients. Since practising in the UK she has attended many international acupuncture conferences.

Dr Li has been practising in the UK for 12 years. Since she came to the UK in 1999 she has successfully treated many patients and is able to successfully treat modern disorders with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr Li has many specialist areas, one of which is pain relief. Her current private clinic is based in Sittingbourne, Kent which she is expanding to the Bexley Complementary Health Clinic. She has taught many G.P's and students the skill of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Dr Li is registered with a number of professional acupuncture and TCM organisations. These include RCHM (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine), ACMP (Association of Chinese Medical Practitioners), FTCMP (Federation of Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners), PEFCTCM (Pan-European Federation of Consultants in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and other established Chinese Organisations.

She is also registered with the World Organisation of TCM, the WFCMS (TCM World Foundation).

Dr Li can be contacted by telephone on 07863558381 or 08458380258
Email: drlee@nhclinic.co.uk
Her clinic's website is www.nhclinic.co.uk