Anne Simpson RS Hom

Anne Simpson RS HomAnne is a Kent-based Registered Homeopath and Healer, and also facilitates meditation courses.  She has practised homeopathy for fourteen years, healing for five, and meditation for over twenty five.

Her commitment to empowering individuals to heal themselves underpins both her healing practice and her meditation teaching.

She came to healing after a varied career in event management, sales, executive assistance, research and writing, and teaching riding to the disabled. 

Committed to healing on all levels, she understands how the demands of juggling modern living and trying to maintain balance impacts us.  Sometimes it can create physical disease and sometimes we are affected emotionally and our confidence, self esteem, time management and decision making, among other things can be compromised. 

Her intention is to work alongside each individual and work with them to find the cause of the imbalance and so instigate the healing process.

She has also completed Reiki I and II and has a degree in South African Studies.